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December 2011 Newsletter
Payroll Enhancements
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Key Notes from Quality IT

Jan/Feb 2012 Newsletter
Thirty Reasons to Upgrade
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  In a recent article on the Wall Street Journal’s, Nucleus Research finds that The CRM investment is worth it even on second-, third-, and fourth-generation investments. Their research found that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications deliver a high return on investment (ROI), averaging $5.60 for every dollar spent. It also found that further investment throughout its life-cycle and deployings econdary applications greatly increases the ROI. With employee productivity increased, improved business forecasting and an increase in sales, investing in CRM is a smart business strategy.
An even smarter strategy is linking your ERP and CRM systems together for a fully integrated and time saving end-to-end solution. 
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March/April 2012 Newsletter
Optimize Inventory Management
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May/June 2012 Newsletter
Sage 100 ERP Roadmap
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July/August 2012 Newsletter
Sage 100 ERP 2103
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